J.Mark Wittkofski

Meanwhile there were dozens of men with long guns who were breaking the same law and none was charged. Could the police have been sympathetic to their cause and chose to make and example of the young woman (btw without a long gun)?

In three years, this crapper has done more to wreck the Nation than any other President. I guess if I , too did not believe the future was worth it to our children and grandchildren, I would let the Earth collapse like this fool has done!

I grew up in the next town beside Joe Montana’s which was Monongahela, PA. He was a gifted high school quarterback! Western PA has had its share with Joe Namath and Dan Marino, too. But watching Montana was best for me!

Isn't Dershowitz the same guy who defended OJ Simpson and the pedophile Epstein. Is he a glutton for punishment or just someone who is willing to sell his soul to the highest bidder?

Tracy Peter, your unwanted opinions are tiring, boring, and unnecessary

The marriage is unlikely to last, at least if the bride has any sense!

But I imagine you believe everything the President says, except maybe the 15,000 or so lies in his first three years (talk about great credibility)...how does that compare to this Governor, and for that matter probably all of the politicians who ever served in Virginia for the last 400 years!

Sorry, but neither B.I.G. or Whitney Houston qualify as Rock & Roll. The fix was in and Dave Matthews Band got screwed!

Another direct impact resulting from Trump’s assassination of the Iranian general. Your readers would be wise to open their eyes to our so-called leader whose irrational actions are taken without any thoughts about consequences!

Of course we all know guns don’t kill people..,it’s just stupid people with guns who kill people! What a pity for the victim to have been there with all those reckless gun people

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