NEIL Howard

It would be the best place for this debate. The history of Virginia is the history of this country. It makes perfect sense for the President to come and speak. As Virginia goes , our history speaks to all. Something this President doesn’t understand nor chooses to embrace. His is but one …

olihow commented on FERGUSSON, DONALD

I am so sorry to hear of Mr. Fergusson's passing. I am Neil Howard; James "Gimmel " Howard's son. He was a man I knew as a young boy. A familiar face in my life and in my parent's home. Memories are the threads to holding on to our love ones. Hearing of this brought back many joyf…

olihow commented on FOGG, LINWOOD "LUDDY"

Pete and family;
I am so sorry to hear of your Father's passing. I remember him fondly. I can still see him and my Dad in the old Freeman-Marks factory working on my brother's soap box derby car.
Gimmel passed away in 2004. He was 3 months shy of his 90th.
My very best to all o…

olihow commented on WRIGHT, KEITH

all of my love, thoughts, and prayers are with you and your family.
Though, its painful now, it gets strangely better. Its like I got closer to my Dad, and
my Mom; who we lost last November.
Take care and remember, there are many of us who love you and care for you.<…

olihow commented on HOWARD, THOMAS

I am so sorry for your loss! I will always remember Tommy as my big , big cousin.
He had a big heart also, and had that great "Howard " smile.
Tommy will be missed. Though , you may not remember me, Tommy gave me some very fond memories as a boy. That is what I will keep wi…

olihow commented on ABBOTT, MARGARET

Derek, my condolences to you and your family. I am Neil Howard. An old friend from a long time ago. I remember your mother. I hope that you and your family's memories of her help with her passing.

olihow commented on McCLAREN, HARRY

Very saddened by this.
RIP Brother Harry,

olihow commented on WALKER, WILLIE

To the Walker Family
I am James "Gimmel" and Beverly Howard's son Neil.
Billy umpired and officiated with my Dad back in the day.
I have a picture of them at a game the two were umpiring.
Billy was one of my parent's favorites.
I am so sorry to hear of his passi…

olihow commented on BOWLING, RICHARD

I am so very sorry for your and your family's loss. I knew Rick since our days at
Albert H. Hill school. We were both fairly small than and he loved basketball. We were
connected by this sport. He was also quite the southern gentleman.
We were reconnected at our 40th Re union 2…

olihow commented on JONES, KEVIN

I am so very sorry. I remember our days around the ball parks.
Prayers for you and your family.
Neil Howard
Balt. Md

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