Ronny, are you sick? Haniver line? Phito drop offs? Dinners fir two? Or is your spell check broken?

Oh Ronny, you can blame Pres. Trumo, Guess who came to Chesterfield to raise money for the campaigns of those poor leaders? Pres Trumo, at the George Emerson's Highlands golf course. So they owe Pre Trumo, and Chesterfield tax payers have been pay it.

Isn’t it difficult to separate politically partisan gerrymandering from racial gerrymandering since a majority of whites vote Republican?

This is the worst deal for Chesterfield tax payers ever proposed by any board in the history of Chesterfield. This administration sees this as a way to finally complete the transformation of the old Cloverleaf mall area. It is nothing more than this administrations continuing goal of sell…

Here's another Biblical saying" You reap what you sow",

And where was the Republican Leadership in control in Midlothian District, on the issue.?

Money can't buy you love, over the years Dominion Power has given Dance over $31,000 to keep her quiet about the fly ash problem in Virginia. Good By Rosie, The party is over!

Why not , you work at Jos A Bank, and you can access it on the way to your liquor store

What Ron, nothing about the Henrico meals tax, or unlicensed farm vehicles, or dangerous trailers! You do it on any, and I do mean any story. Why not this one?