The beat goes on. Commenter Snead makes a good point. It is time for an intervention.

Ms. Howard is on target. Rightly or wrongly, it seems that Jimmy Crow is alive and well in Hanover County.

Mr. Thiessen makes a fine point. Biden is a loser. George Will made some good points yesterday about Michael Bennet. T-Rump t he has an outsider image despite him loading up with swamp rats.

Writer Biagan makes an excellent point about our national women's soocer team and payments. We ,of course, could reduce the men's pay to less than the women who are winners and generate more revenue. Why should we pay more for winning than for losing ? We can lose cheaply.

Dr. Bryan is on target as usual. Immigrants were a significant portion of the Union army. There is no reason that military or community service should not be a positive factor in achieving citizenship.

Mr. Woody is spot-on. The World Cup women's soccer champion is vastly underpaid compared to the overpaid, underperforming men's team. Of course, justice would be served by reducing the men's pay. We can always lose more cheaply.

Wonder why only big shots are the only state employees who get 'pay for performance' altho the so-called performance is often mediocre ? "Them that has gets".

Now VCU has its own sexual predator.

Mr. Hanson makes some good points. Sadly, no Dem wanna-be has any resonant idea and none want to address big issues like public debt, deteriorating infrastructure, excessive medical cost, immigration reform, insolvent entitlements, and multiple wars. But ten, the GOP is not exactly standi…

Mr. Williams want to fault business owners for the action of an ill-tempered perp. Perhaps, River City Diner, Bottom's Up, and the Johnson family who used to make the best meat loaf are to blame. I would agree that a slave market commemorative site would be a good thing.