Perhaps, integration could be incentivized but it has to start with housing. Schools should be part of the neighborhood but the neighborhoods are segregated in large measure. Could people of faith lead the way since churches, mosques, and synagogues are among the most segregated venues ? …

RTD and Commenter Butler are spot-on.

I feel so much safer with unregulated, untrained old white guys having armories.

I wonder what so many older white men are afraid of ??

I wonder how many of Writer Glasscock's fellow patriots are in a 'well regulated militia" ? He tries to make a case for the private ownership of heavy artillery. tanks, and RPG's. Writer Kulp is right in that registering firearms will not stop crime but he doesn't explain how not register…

Commenter McCray is spot-on. Why should other taxpayers support local boondoggles ? The state should not be picking 'winners and losers" ?

Both of these initiatives are commonsensical.

I concur with Writer Nalberczinski about keeping vehicle inspections.. People simply do not take of vehicles properly and many drive poorly. I also concur with those writers who support Rep. Spanberger's impeachment. Being above the law is a non-partisan issue.

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