The WSJ has UVA ranked #50, behind fellow ACC schools Duke, #10, Notre Dame #32, UNC, #33, and Miami, #49.

Boston College is #59, Georgia Tech & Wake Forest tied at #68, NC State 104, Virginia Tech #105, Syracuse #123, Clemson #188, Florida State #208.

Can’t wait for the Carytown location to open.

"Now, President Donald Trump, 73, is the oldest president ever. " FALSE! Regan was 69 when elected, and 77 when he left office. What pathetic "journalism".

From the NY Times: "...We’re in the longest recovery in American history and the benefits are finally beginning to flow to those who need them most. Overall wages are rising by 3.5 percent, and wages for those in the lowest pay quartile are rising by well over 4 percent, the highest of al…

So typical, political posturing that achieves nothing other than fawning media coverage. As if the people shooting up parks and office buildings care about the law.

And because the assailants are quickly killed the death total doesn't rise to the level where it merits coverage.

Where are the parents? Specifically, where was the father? Too bad BLM doesn't talk about black on black murder which is the real problem...

This dude needs to serve time, at least 5 years.

Here are a few: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/volokh-conspiracy/wp/2015/10/03/do-civilians-with-guns-ever-stop-mass-shootings/?utm_term=.c971ab320be9

I think Michael Herring is one of Richmond's best public servants, and it's our loss that he's going to private practice. The article covered many of the contributors to crime and dysfunction in poor black Richmond neighborhoods, but like many such efforts left out the elephant in the roo…