Sugar harms more people more severely than pot.

8% answer surveys? Who are these people that believe others should not have freedom to entirely personal actions.

Why would D.C. not be a part of this deal?

About the Constitution and the part about states not entering into agreements, anybody?

Idiots. A continuation of the same, more destruction of earth, adding to the very problems we are in dire need to change. People who live great distance from work is cause for many of our most severe problems. Our century of resource consumption is altering the planet beyond salvation. No…

$100,000 each so they can discriminate against our national standard and keep their speech among only those of their origin. Brilliant.

How many nationalities are represented in the U.S. Certainly U.S. companies can't be expected to operate with employees using 5 or 10 different languages, or more. Are we forced to accept foreign people bringing their countries standards with them?

The discrimination is not because of origin but where they live now. They are bringing their origin habits in a different country. That's okay, but they should not expect us to share or agree to accept their norms of origin.

The only thing united in this country is the states. Yet each and all are divided by 2. We are represented by red or blue, all legislatures divided by 2. The parties have stolen governments of the people, local least. Local is the only government of the people and not all of them.

The USDA and the article say nothing about students affording food. The 'low security' definition is all about quality and choice of foods, and nothing about cost.

Students are habitually about food that is fast, convenient, cheap and tasty.

I would be wary of those seeking fu…

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