Polk Montague

the headline should have read "Brainwashed Leaders of Faith Join Protect" Look at your own religious history and then worry about BLM. Your house (religion) has plenty of cleaning that needs to be done. Start with Hypocrisy!

"The Wizard Has Spoken" Don't look behind the curtain, The voice you hear is that of our great leader! White folks, shut up and pay!

Blame the Cops! Can't find any reason why he died then you just Blame the Cops!

You gotta sell a lot of malt liquor and skittles to pay for the fire damage. Don't be surprised when you pay through the nose for ordinary products at this store.

Window dressing, that's all it is. The police will work with the newly (read expensive) D.A. to thwart any investigation they see as harmful. If you really want to institute meaningful change honey then appoint ordinary citizens who are capable of reading the reports and most importantly …

Guess he made up his mind before spending a thousand dollars on the ad in the Sunday paper. Since when does a nationwide search take 11 days? Guess I missed the panel discussion where they interviewed and asked questions. Rubber stamping Police Chief. Hope you don't mind having your nuts …

There you have it, the Trump Administration and the far right-wing have finally been dealt the blow they deserved. Why on earth would you impose draconian rules on people because they want to exercise their rights? Because the republicans cant stand the thought of women making up their ow…

The cult of Liberty and Jerry Jr. have shown the world his true colors. He could care less about anybody but himself. Let's face it, its all about the money and power.

Hey everybody, lets name the park after a drug crazed PCP, Mentally ill brother that endangered the lives of everyone he came in contact with! Can't wait to see what happens when some redneck decides to "deface" the sign.

Me thinks the ACLU is promoting the upcoming race war....

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