Not Virginia as Bloomberg found out. Most came from right in New York State.

Sow were the so called lies are Despicable. You can not as usual. You are shown wrong ever time you push your agenda.

None of those will prevent a single shooting nor do they do a single thing to those who use guns against law abiding citizens. All they do is make people targets for criminals. Another thing it does is again prove DespicableDrake has no idea what common sense is. All they do is make more …

There is no common sense gun control Despicable Dummy. And there was no blue wave last election. Get educated you idiot,

Yes way better then the last one.

DD stupid is as stupid does. You are a great example.

Still not willing to accept an FBI investigation you do not like or a election Dems lost.

Will he do a moon walk after learning from Northam

Then why is Trump called President dd.

This from Despicable Drakes normal rump,