Turning it over to private hospitals expecting to save money is a laughable idea. When will politicians realize it never saves a single penny.

He must be a liberal in someone else's clothing then.

David do us all a favor and show some facts to back your demean and degrading post.

Melissa after 12+ witness in front of Adam Schit's committee not a single wtness had any proof of bribery, quid pro qo or even collusion. He intimidated no one without Schit reading the tweet during the testimony. If he had not done that the witness would have had no idea about the tweet.…

Liberal are a bunch of flaming idiots who want to change the country. I guess Melissa never did anything wrong in her life.

And it must be stopped NOW. These people are idiots and were elected by like minded people.

Big brother government does NOT need to track people excersizing their constitutional rights This will do nothing to prevent any criminal act and no one can show it will. Just a backdoor way to confiscate guns

So if someone paints your car or your house or even you it is not destruction. You need to take your own advice boobie.

Is that why they have been calling him "Mr President" . Too bad the wench won the wrong 3,000,000 votes. Maybe because she was so old and entitled sghe thought the constitution did not apply to her.

99,999.5 would not.

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