The PC crowd would never admit it but DIVERSITY is very expensive!

I would bet that student behavior has a lot to do with it.

I wonder if there is any correlation between driver turnover and the performance of the schools that the drivers serve? i.e. bad schools more turnover?

There need to be student assemblies every quarter where proper…

MPW next will be advocating for non citizen census workers. The whole census process is a joke. The last thing progressives want is an accurate count. We are becoming a third world country. Fear for your grandchildren. California here we come!

The Squirrels have worked extra hard to become a major contributor to the Richmond Community. They have a great business model! Parney and the ownership deserve all the accolades for becoming truly vested and committed to our community.

PR7540719 commented on From the Archives: Lakeside in 1951

There has to be more pictures than what they have included.

Figures lie and Liars figure(old adage). It is no doubt that the VA Dept of Education and Local School Districts are "cooking the books"- The evaluation system ideally should be simplistic enough that taxpayers can understand it.

The problem is if the truth were known, ta…

The work certainly stereotypes an unflattering image of Black Men in eyes of Non Blacks throughout the world! The Arthur Ashe work on Monument Avenue had

a positive message for the world as to the potential of contributions by Black Men.

There must be plenty of money in budget for this and I am okay with it as long as there is complete transparency for the taxpayer. Remember we are giving up a day of instruction for the testing. Will prep classes be included during the instructional day?

We need test results by sc…

It seems like a clock in the middle of the sculpture would be very appropriate!

What are the demographics of Midlothian?

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