Richard Bell

Lowering the bar.

Did she also pledge not to take Dominion's money although willing to take Ralph's money which includes Dominion money?

And how about Ralph and all those legislators who HAVE accepted their money? Will you still accept it from them?

Just to be clear, most Republicans in the House DID NOT support expansion. A deal was cut and the work requirement was the Trojan Horse that swayed the weak-knees. It was a shell game and it never had a chance.

Don't hang this one on the President. Public education has been declining for years.

For the record, there are no teacher's "unions" in Virginia.

Best news I’ve heard today!

Thank goodness! It will be a much more pleasant experience without them.

The World Cup ain't the rec league folks, and they set the tiebreaker rules not us. Let the ladies play!

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