Don't waste your time deciphering Ron's ramblings.

Hmm- Trump supporters: Pro life, pro border security, voter ID, strong foreign policy, lower taxes... Democrats: Murder born babies, no borders, voter fraud, apologize for American greatness, 70% income taxes.

If only there were laws to prevent such criminal activity! We need comprehensive new gun control laws to stop this! I propose we declare all illegal gun related activity to henceforth be Super Illegal. That'll fix it.

You're blaming a city? That's very Democrat of you. You should also blame guns for going around killing people. Demanding that lawful people turn theirs in is your next step. Drake?

Gun control is like banning sober people from driving to curb DUIs. Lawful people don't break the law, target the crooks.

Anyone who trust a politician is a fool.

There's a McDonald's at Forest Hill & Huguenot that literally has self- serve kiosks in lieu of human clerks. This will increase with doubling the minimum wage. Minimum wage jobs are stepping stones for unskilled workers, not careers. Economics 101.

Not a 2A issue here, dummy. Clearly this was an unlawful act. Once all the guns are outlawed per your agenda the crooks will still have them, and the rest of us will be ripe for the pickin. Only the blissfully ignorant and well protected want tight gun control.

Lofty goals, seeing as I'm paying for handouts accounting for the same or more in public and section 8 housing.