RJ Mathews

It’s not up to a handful of lazy people on Facebook to dictate who I can and can’t see in concert. Stop giving these people so much power. I promise you Floydfest would be just fine if they chose not to attend.

How about if you don’t like Cee Lo Green don’t listen to him?

Weak prosecution? He was defending himself from someone about to attack him. Shouldn’t have even been charged.

RJ Mathews commented on Letters to the Editor, Oct. 20, 2019

Glenn - how does a candidate for Goochland Sheriff have a plan for Chesterfield County? Also, where exactly does Chesterfield border with Short Pump?

If you had a point to make besides “Creasy is bad”, it didn’t work

It’s simple if you let it be...Biden threatened to do something (which as VP he couldn’t have even done) where as Trump ACTUALLY DID withhold funds.

Donald.... how exactly does that have anything to do with Spanberger. Her column doesn’t even attempt to defend Biden.

Little quick to spit out the talking points you heard on Hannity last night. You need to slow down and pace yourself!

Virginia IS a blue state... we haven’t elected a Republican to statewide office in 10 years, and went Democrat in the last 3 presidential elections. But for gerrymandering, our legislature would already be Dem.

James - did it ever occur to you that perhaps VT’s use of pronouns is merely a reflection of emerging societal norms, as opposed to a proactive campaign of indoctrination? If this is the world our kids will be entering then it VT’s job to prepare them for it. Our personal opinions on the …

Fred, explain the connection between pronouns and Socialism. My degree from VT and doctorate from UR don’t allow me understand such profound concepts.

Are you seriously suggesting that parents should have a say in the curriculum of a university simply because they pay tuition? Please, do explain further. Some comic relief would do us all well.

Drake, I am not “somehow trying” to blame the victim, I am indeed actually blaming her (the mom. That was the point of my post

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