Engineering Social justice? I do not believe the students that are looking to drop out will stay because Engineering is now being offered. Schools with low graduation rates need more hands on courses. HVAC Plumbing Electrical Automotive Small motor repair etc....

That's like saying "the Cambridge police acted stupidly" was the signal to start the violent attacks and across the board disrespect of our police officers. As I look back on it it actually was the signal.

That's the headline? Woman give birth everyday but a part time politician is different? What am I missing?

It appears that lets get softer on the criminal has started. There must be consequences for actions. As a child it was a simple thing to learn. Do bad and the result would be punishment. Do I believe after punishment it should continue to negatively affect them for the rest of there lives…

How much better for everyone concerned had Thomas not created a robbery scam to take money from unsuspecting victims. Folks have been robbed and killed with knives fists rocks chunks of wood run over by cars. Lets put an end to aggravated robbery.

It is actually refreshing to see an equal opportunity offender. Folks have become too thin skinned. Still trying to determine why this is considered news worthy? RTD just stick to stories about the daily struggles of transitioning transgender murderers.

I just read an article in the RTD a few weeks ago about a guy who shot and killed another guy over rap lyrics yep he lost some type of rap competition and shot and killed his competitor after feeling disrespected. I remember a particular president saying "The Cambridge Police acted stupid…

The taxpayers were actually stolen from twice. Are you kidding me millions for blue turf for High School Football?

Here is hoping he receives some blunt force trauma across his head and body for many years to come.

They all look beautiful. I most like the Barn and Hay photo

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