Didn't any of you consider that the individual might have dementia? That would be the first thing I would think when I see a distraught elderly person stranded on the side of the road?

Sturtevant reminds me of George Wallace.

Texans love their guns!

I've been around for years. Wilder has had a reputation as a womanizer since his early years in the General Assembly.

He's totally worth it! He made me proud to be VCU faculty. From a retired faculty member.

How would enhancing minimum sentences save 12 lives in Virginia Beach? The shooter had never committed a previous crime and was killed by the police. Outlawing silencers (suppressors) and extended magazines would certainly have reduced the number of deaths and wounded.

Where did you get your medical degree?

We live in the Hill Country and have spoken with the ZZQ owners when we've eaten when visiting Richmond. They are doing everything right EXCEPT they don't smoke with post oak. That's what it takes for perfect BBQ. Of course, there is no post oak available in Virginia. I guess they could…

But American cheese slices are great to wrapping pills in to give to your dog!

So are you.