Rick Stevenson

Respect for education starts in the HOME. Dysfunctional [non-existent] families produce under-motivated, uneducated children. No one dare blame the parents.

Was the chute deployed?

Kill your friend. Leave him in the water. Drive away. Wow.

Good grief, what does it take to ban this guy?

You know this? How?

With the perennially poor performance of black students, you'd think that the NAACP would make better use of their time and influence. Too hard to attack the real problem.

What lowlife hits a pedestrian, and then leaves the scene? Well there's her picture.

Only when parents recognize their responsibility to take an active role in their kids' education will this improve. The disintegration of the family unit is largely responsible for this abysmal situation.

Richmond scores will not improve until parents take a more active interest in the education of their children..