S. Morrissey

I liked the place but the oysters kept shrinking.

Fix the streets. Start at West Grace and Meadow.

We have people who do anything to keep any kind of progress, economic, cultural, educational, from happening. Will this then become the Virginia Coliseum? Do we really want to have to negotiate with 'these people'? Share revenues? Are you nuts? This whole plan is brilliant, please don't m…

I live around the corner from this place, and except for the afternoon of the women's race in 2015 I have never been in it. And even then I wasn't sure what it was or where it was; inside or outside; type of food they served; menu; as nothing was shown. One time I was chatting with a bart…

"Let's keep Richmond mediocre" is our battle cry.

Nothing new, good or viable we don't know why.

Giving us facts just confuses us,

Like on schools, roads or that new bus.

We'd rather just whiter and die.

Will it include the piece with the trailer and the car? Asking for a friend.

Was the bus towing a trailer? Asking for a friend.

I wonder if she was pulling a trailer at the time of the accident? Asking for a friend.

Glad to see some vision and passion in what appears to be a rather mundane out look. We will always have the naysayers; all cities looking to make major projects work for them do. Notice its always the same crowd shaking their collective heads no? Do they know something the rest of us don…

There is not now, nor ever has been, a thing known as 'free parking'. Somebody pays for it along the line, just not the person taking advantage of it. Is there not room for one of those free circling shuttles, where people jump on and off? Then we can park in front of your house, you know…