Bob Harrison


Way too much of a little bit of everything... VCU '71 Grad (History & Poli-Sci) ( '77 Painting and Print Making)... Worked a teacher, drug rahab counselor, social worker, businessman, etc) Living outside Charlotte, NC

Home town

Fa;lls Church, Va...

These are the same morons who don't want Medicaid expansion in their states which would provide funding for their health care??? Go figure... There is no better poster child for what's wrong with these people and why they consistently vote against their own interests??? Go figure, Part B.…

Seems that it's rural areas of the country who want to be left behind... I've loved most of my life in rural areas... Jefferson Co., WV; Page Co., Va., Union County, NC ... and I don't hear people in those areas clamoring to join the 21st century... Sadly, it's quite the opposite with mos…

BINGO, Jim... We NEVER TRUMPERS have always known that Trump would be outed out as an IMPOSTER was a crisis... We have it and Trump has proved what we always have known about this creep... ~~~ Bob

I'm with you, Mark... The two most honorable presidents since FDR are Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama... ~~~ Bob

Sorry, Patrick, but using tax dollars to support employers who because of 14(b) of the Taft-Hartley Act to exploit their workers doesn't much appeal to me... We voted out the slave-master Republicans... Here's an idea, Patrick... Unionize... ~~~ Bob

Y'all missed "Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore" and "Illegal Smile"... ~~~ Bob

I fully agree, Martin... Trump is a FASCIST and MUST BE STOPPED this November if given another 4 years will completely destroy or government and our democracy... Given that reality there is something else going on here,,, Trump's supporters are all CULTISTS who want very much to please th…

Quit with the RACISM, Carole... ~~~ Bob

China stopped the virus with a combination of distancing and MASKS... THE END, Tommy... ~~~ Bob

I love Bernie but with everything going on this was the right decision for him to make... The Democrats have been hampered by the coronavirus because primaries have been dangerous to hold... I thing that seeing people standing in line yesterday because the Republicans went nuclear over po…

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