Bob Harrison


Way too much of a little bit of everything... VCU '71 Grad (History & Poli-Sci) ( '77 Painting and Print Making)... Worked a teacher, drug rahab counselor, social worker, businessman, etc) Living outside Charlotte, NC

Home town

Fa;lls Church, Va...

The difference is that solar panels do not endanger our water or air as both gas and oil pipelines do.... Duhhhh 001 (remedial, non credit Duhhhh for boneheads)...~~~ Bob

I donno, Greg... Names do matter... What if the best school in the county was named Benedict Arnold Middle School or Charles Manson High School??? Get it yet??? ~~~Bob

Hear, hear, Stephanie... Time to put a stake thru the hearts of robocalls and any other uninvited solicitations from people we don't know and did not give permission to invade our privacy... And when you ask these people to stop they hang up on you and ignore your requests... We need a la…

Ya' mean the NRA Stooge/Kangaroo Commission, RTD??? Just look at these old white guys??? This is NOT what Virginia looks like... There's corruption and then there's CORRUPTION ON CRACK... You should have printed this in the comic section... ~~~ Bob

Who is hoping for a recession, Tommy??? I'm not... Maybe you are buying into the TRUMP/FOX/PUTIN lie that Democrats want a recession... I don't hear that from any of my liberal friends or on MSNBC... Guess you made that up, too... ~~~ Bob

NOT FAKE NEWS, Tom... It was reported in the Washington Post earlier this week... But keep guessing poorly... You have that mastered... ~~~ Bob

WRONG again, DISMAY... We have a BROKEN back-ground check system... Look up the word "broken", DISMAY... ~~~ Bob

Hey... They are all Republicans and all Republicans who talk the NRA talk get rewarded in one way or another by the NRA... Duhhhhhhhh 001 (remedial)... ~~~ Bob

BINGO, Norbert... Of the money that has been collected from the tariffs `100% of it is going to bail out farmers who even after the subsidies are still hurting from the trade war... ~~~ Bob

According to the Washington Post, 3 out of 4 economists are predicting a recession by 2021... BTW, a recession is long overdue... Why do you get so defensive??? ~~~ Bob