Not all of his constituents wanted him out. It was the RPV central district committee members who held voting rights at the convention that elected Wyatt as the republican nominee that wanted him out. And while they may represent most of the republicans in Peace's district they do not nec…

The court filings indicate he was being pursued by the police for driving 20-30 mph over the speed limit. Also a concealed weapon charge.

That section of Rt 301 is straight as an arrow! No excuse for running down a cyclist there / anywhere. Hope she recovers.

Looks like Clyde Stacy of Bristol was kind enough to “donate†over $225,000 ( to miscellaneous General Assembly members and PAC’s in 2018 when the bill was passed to allow licensing of these dispensaries. This amount dwarfed what he donated in 2017 and 2019. And ... he is a …

Great and positive article. Thanks for publishing!

The General Assembly probably did not have the foresight that loosening the reins on Dominion would tick off some large power users. Next step will be for the large users to throw some bribe money at the General Assembly to get their way.

I believe Altria's investment in Juul is not really about nicotine but CBD and THC. Niche suppliers are now producing CBD and THC cartridges that fit the Juul device. CBD is now (questionably) legal in the U.S. and when THC is eventually legalized on the federal level vaping using the smartl…

@kennethbradford “I believe Levar Stoney is lying about his knowledge if this hire.” And if is not he should have the “guts” to remove Cuffee-Glen’s daughter from the position for the good of the City. Allow her to compete properly for another City job.

Dwight Jones and C.T. Woody will be so proud to see that Levar Stoney - the buck stops with him - is continuing the historical lineage of nepotism and cronyism that has often run rampant through our city government.

Just another sad commentary that can be connected to this country's inadequate system of education.