Stephen GREENE

Your nonsensical and unrelated comments today prove you are an idiot, Fred.

Amanda is a bitter, lying idiot. Shame on her and anyone ignorant enough to support and vote for her. Yes folks, she’s a nut case who does not deserve a podium (political office) to stand on and spout her ill advised and ridiculous points (lies and fabrications). Please, fellow citizens i…

I meant "Ronny Melancon" in my above comment.

That comment comes from a man (Ron) who lives no where near Chesterfield County. He lives in Henrico. Please limit your political comments to your own backyard, Ron.

I agree with Jeff. Tracy is a looney! Every comment he or she makes is childish, ill informed and simply downright ridiculous. And the constant "hallelujah and period" exclamations are silly and pathetic. Surely you have more productive things to do with your time other than disparaging o…

That's a pretty heartless response, Linda. And by the way, receiving a judgement or award of compensation is often impossible to collect. I have no idea whether the family received that money or not but your heartless "he won't come back from the dead" is really pathetic. I can't imagine …

And you, "E". are equally pathetic. Did you put your cheer leading outfit on when you wrote your flattering prose to Fred's ridiculous comment? Geez folks, grow up and try to act somewhat intelligent instead of acting like blabbering idiots.

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