Steve Powell

“Leadbetter said he is concerned that the project could be built out before the county and state could coordinate the road improvements that would be needed to offset the impact.” Good observation.

Victims and suspects are incapable of conflict resolution. If guns weren’t available they’d be using knives.

Best race I've seen this year. Mr. Hallman nailed it as usual. Particularly satisfying without D Waltrip

Trump is really killing the stock market

Disagree with a Democrat and you’re automatically a racist. Now the Democrats can’t agree with each other .

Right over your head

Sold into slavery by other African Americans. And now African Americans continually kill other African Americans. Ironic isn’t it?

I’m sure the gun was acquired legally

Restricted guns laws rather that send thugs to jail. That should really help in lowering violent crime .

And probably a subject for Michael Paul Williams’ next column.