My goodness. Mr. Justice Hannick, that noted constitutional scholar and psychic, has issued his ruling.

What dire predictions, Ms. Shefer? All I saw was basic reporting about the arrests of the white supremacists who were hoping to start a civil war.

Donald Duck is better spoken and more intelligent than Donald Trump.

I think you misread Midlo Hokie's comment, Drake. He seems to be contradicting what Bill Taggart said.

So Chase, a gun-toting, cop-cursing, self-important narcissist, now calls anyone who disagrees with her a traitor. Add bone-ignorant wingnut to the list of adjectives that describe her.

Another thoughtful, intelligent comment from Carole Hess, as usual.

No, no, yourself, Carole.

From the Judy Ford Wason Center for Public Policy at Christopher Newport University in Newport News last month:

"Voters strongly support requiring background checks on all gun sales (86%-13%) and passing a ‘red flag’ law (73%-23%); a slight majority (…

No, Carole. And given your Trump obsession, you wouldn't know truth if it bit you on your ignorant arse.

:Your party has been "wishin' for bad luck" for some time now... for obvious / cynical reasons. To suggest otherwise insults the intelligence of normal Americans, which ironically is SOP for #resistance."

That is a further libel against people who disagree with Trump, Tom. And again…

"It almost seems as if pessimistic partisans like Mr. Fox are disappointed that Richmond didn't descend into anarchy / pitched gun battles and scorched earth... oh well, better luck next time."

That, Tom, is unworthy of you. Of course no one with an IQ above 50 was disappointed that…

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