steve edmondson

'No grounds against MLK'? Womanizing and cheating in college are traits that many would find offensive. Though in today's climate I doubt if many would raise an eyebrow to someone cheating on their wife. But plagiarism? According to the NYT report in Oct. 1991, scholars from Boston Univer…

" The same goes for food assistance: Immigrants make up only 8.8 percent of recipients, and more than 85 percent of participants are native-born." Really? Could be there are more citizens overall? So, with so many "native-born" on food stamps, why would anyone want to add to that? Only 8.…

25 schools out of 44 are failing? And at $250,000 a year, this fellow will have all schools passing by 2023? ok Does Rosie's Gambling Emporium have a way to bet on this thing?

Wonder how Williams AND the RTD missed the "mass shooting" in Chicago the same time as the other shootings? 7 shot in a park. 7 not enough to be considered "mass"? Or was it something else?

Is this part of the in-depth hard hitting research as to why RVA has so many failing schools? Good luck, kids.

2020 Dems. Free stuff and the race card.

" Davis, who had been president of the Confederacy, was imprisoned for treason at the fort after the war." Davis was NOT imprisoned for treason. He was imprisoned while the US government tried to get treason charges but were not able. That being said, does this Gov actually think all will…

Poor dog. I imagine whatever puppyhood she had probably wasn't all that good. At least her abuse has stopped. Way to go RVA.

The petulant displays are now nationwide news. The groovy cool Woke of this country love it. Middle of the road Dems and Indies across these fruited plains, not so much. But do carry on. Makes the #walkaway so much easier.

"Free stuff" and the "race card". Sounds like a winner.