Steve Moore

Part of their sentence should include manually digging the graves of overdose victims.

Repeal of right-to-work is an attack upon individual liberty. Period. If forced unionism was a good idea, it would stand on its own in the forum of free ideas. It can't, so the government has to force it while taking money from the unions. Look at this rep's money page. He takes money fro…

These are *not* monuments to slavery. While it really is just that simple, statue critics just don't see things that way. Preserving, understanding, and teaching history is important to some, and not to others. The statues will probably come down in time, unfortunately, and the city will …

The ERA would undermine the Equal Protection Clauses of the Constitution already in place. It would end Social Security benefits to wives and widows. It would subject women to the draft. Discrimination based on gender is already illegal. The ERA would do nothing but damage and end existin…

All of these items are terrible policy. Every one of them. Terrible.

Who cares what music that moron of an ex-president likes?

Look at the tape. That was clearly a fumble. Call timeout on the replay, and VT wins. That simple.

If you're starving, maybe your union dues are too high. Yet another union fat cat boss made the news last month for mis-spending his subjects' money.

Wrong. Right to work means I can pursue my work without being forced to join a union. That's a great thing.

Amen, Jeff

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