Terri Sweeney

No, the Community Mental Health Act of 1963 closed the institutions that housed inpatient care.

Wrong... the Community Mental Health Act of 1963 is the reason states closed their institutions. The act demands that the mentally ill be treated outpatient unless IMMEDIATE threat to self or others, this hurdle means that after a couple of days of treatment, like Ms Gay, the ill are retu…

In our demented mistreatment of the mentally ill, police officers are now the frontline of mental health services. And prisons are our mental hospitals. Can we speak of changing the source of these tragedies, The Community Mental Health Act of 1963 yet? Didn't think so.

Not just buy power... buy it at retail rates, (11 cents) not the much lower (3.5 cent) wholesale rates that nuclear, coal, and natural gas plants sell their output.

European experience demonstrates that maintenance costs for off-shore wind are higher than the total costs for nuclear, coal or natural gas combined cycle. Windmills are the past, not the future. Prepare for higher electric prices in the name of the green religion.

Here in Virginia, we enjoy reliable, inexpensive electricity. 1/3 nuclear, 1/3 coal, 1/3 combined cycle natural gas. We pay about 11 cents per kw-hr with no additional charges for time of day or day of year. Green at any price policies in Europe have increased electricity prices to 30-45 …

There is NO failure of government as shocking, as important, or as hidden as its shameful (non) treatment of the mentally ill. The Community Mental Health Act of 1963 has been a disaster. Yet NO ONE is speaking of it. Not even this article.

The city is determined to reverse its increase in population and drive affluent families out of town in search of quality education for their children. Something that without Fox and Bird is sadly NOT available in the RPS.

The big companies, with mature fields and little to gain from the new regs see them as a way to increase costs and slow expansion of the smaller companies who control the new tight oil and gas production. When Exxon and greens agree. there is BIG green behind it.

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