~~~Bob ..... Another display of your IQ, and upbringing.

Have a good time at the Rally spreading “Love” ….. like only you can do.

I will not be there ~~~Bob, since I don’t hang with any hate group that draws in other hate groups, with each hate group thinking their hate group …

Ah … the complexities of landlord versus tenant … and who owe what, and for what reason.

Either the landlord planted the bed bugs, or the tenant somehow made a bed for them.

Taking the place of RJuvenile for a moment, let me educate you on bed bugs.

C. lecturlarius (bugs…

Mark Lane …… you are so far right; you could be me.

What counts way ahead of education, is making certain some crimes are less unlawful, along with making sure it is harder for a law-abiding citizen to get a gun to protect themselves from those who never plan on getting shed of thei…

Steve Frost …. what is a little frustration …. The more important thing is assurance illegal immigrants can get in line ahead of you. Hallelujah, and period.

Norbert …. Ali Khamenei would second your opinion. Hallelujah, and period.

Norton Rubenstein …. the only consequences, the Democrats care about is control, and enough promises of free stuff to keep their flock in line. Hallelujah, and period.

"Mo Money" is far more important than another day with kids in school.

Anyway …… the kid's are about to bust with too much larning now anyhows. Hallelujah, and period.

“the fierce urgency of now”

What is the hurry? …. it has only been 57 years since Martin Luther King, Jr. told us about his dream.

Could someone tell me. (other than for political reasons), why color seems to be more in the news today, and content of character, very seldom men…

T167712079 commented on Latest gubernatorial appointments

Elections really do have consequences …. look at how many appointee are from towns and counties snuggle up close to DC, which is also loaded with left-wing loons.

The right needs to take a lesson from the left, and resist, obstruct and if possible fine reason to make their victory t…

You left out the most important step …

Companies need to hire responsible and qualified employees (color of skin is irreverent) who will be loyal to the company, and appreciate the opportunity, and importance in making their employer happy for the company's sake, as well as their ow…

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