Biggest Bunch of BS from BOA. Truth be told the only real reason to close drive thru windows is to force the customers to go electronic. BOA is a real PIA.

No wonder the infrastructure of this country is in such poor shape. Nothing ever gets done in an efficient manner now because of the red tape, nimby attitude and the vocal minority who of course view their position as morally superior.

If you want free parking go ahead and buy the lot with your money then donate it to the city. There solved that.

She deserved this not only for disloyalty but more so for her entitled attitude. Few in either party escape politics without becoming entitled, corrupted, narcissist leaches suckling from the public trough.

Not a pro or con to the death sentence but with all the people who accidentally overdose and die on fentanyl etc why is there such a shortage of drugs for this?

Not a gun problem but more like a cultural problem.

Dominion is one of the best run utilities in the country. Are they a perfect corporate entity, of course not. But we customers of Dominion pay a below average for our electricity, and reliability is better than average.

Let those without sin cast the first stone. Are we not lucky to have so many saints representing us? What a display of self righteousness.

I don't think Mr. Moss referred to building an entire wall. "give our border agents the wall segments they need". The point is congress should listen to those professionals on the border regarding effective solutions be they wall segments, more manpower, enhanced technology or whatever. T…

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