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Another good reason for social distancing when you are not at the plant. DuPont can check the people on sight without being overwhelmed as long as those people spend as much time away from the plant in their own homes and not ignoring social distancing guidelines like trying to congregate…


He says that Rump should have communicated the risks and dangers sooner so that medical facilities like these across the country would have been prepared and not have their patients dropping like flies like the facility in Washington State with 37 deaths.

But Rump was telling them


Business owners like restaurants need every revenue source they can get just to keep from closing their doors for good during this new Rump recession.

If you can buy the drink with the meal I the restaurant there is no reason you should not be able to buy it and take it home with yo…


And how many six-packs can be consumed in the 10 - 20 minutes it takes to drive home with restaurant takeout? How many mixed drinks can be consumed in that time? Why would someone go out just to get high prized booze to get sloshed on on the drive home from a takeout restaurant when they …


We’ve been reading how current times are fulfilling end times prophecies for years and yet the crisis always blows over and life goes on. End times prophecies are like horoscopes. You read into them what you believe.

But, on the mundane side, to help businesses keep afloat during ha…


In England cops seldom even carry guns thanks to common sense gun control laws. Cop/criminal interactions turn out better for parties on both sides much more often.

Fewer guns = fewer gun deaths


“You can’t live in this country without being aware of the dangers of poor food choices and lifestyle habits.”

Now who is being naive?


These issues have everything to do with him lying and telling the American people it was all under control when it was not.

"We have it totally under control. It's one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine.”

— Jan. 21, 2020 (inte…


The way Rump has gutted all sectors of the executive branch, don’t hold your breath. Don’t expect that free $1,200 check anytime soon either.

“Explainer: Hobbled IRS tax agency may need months to put cash into Americans' hands

Hollowed out by budget cuts and hobbled by obsolet…


The idea of practicing social distancing is that they stay in their main home.

And what is this “slippery slope” you refer to?

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