Allowing the neighbors to decide who lives in the neighborhood usually isn't a good idea. If it's my house and there is no discernible negative impacts to the neighbors (criminal, economic, etc..), then who I allow into my house is my business .

Someone who thinks this will actually work ..... has given reason enough to not be included as they are either in NH's pocket or have very little understanding of the 'success' of economic develop projects in the City of Richmond ... see 6th Street Market place (FAIL), Canal Walk (only re…

City of Richmond... because two mistakes are always better than one (apparently).

.... and this is why we can't have nice things.

So Stoney fired the CAO who provided jobs to family members who needed one ... and he

now has her protege acting her in role.... even though she sign-off on three of them. Meet the new boss.... same as the old boss (just younger).

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Couple of thoughts regarding that risk.... the owners should be face civil and likely criminal charges if they represented that their accommodations were safe, and does this also suggest that the city government should also routinely inspect to homes to make sure they're still safe for us…

Actual results matter more than symbolic gestures..... the superintendent seems to be doing a lot to deflect from what actually matters... which is the performance of the students

WA41486447 commented on Editorial: The law is the law

The writer must not live in the city of Richmond.... working around the city government is the only way to get things done.

Samuelson addressed these facts as he specified, "The pessimistic appraisals apply to non-retirees. As people stop working, their views of their retirement security improve sharply." He is referring to those who are actually elderly and retired, not those who are currently working.

Really wish RTD would stop running advertisements on its Opinion pages.... because this isn't an opinion, it's a sales pitch, nothing more.

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