bruce gee

I agree with you Drake less guns = less shootings . You must have graduated from a Chicago High School. LOL

If they made wine for a white male would it taste like a cracker.; or is that racist like our President is suppose to be?

Who knew CR*P is considered profanity. by the RTD!

Nice to see RTD is showing their true colors by posting cr** written by the LA Times.

This is only until we get "free" cable.

Where are we with the Doug Wilder investigation?

First none classy thing I have seen Tony do. Real leaders are not cowards.

Celebrity attorney? Unknown man making a horrific remark against a celebrity. Yeah seems like a socialist charlottesville get rich scheme.

Steve the reason Trump was elected was because of the Obama worship that was going on in our country. Yes the democrats will do well in November. It has been happening for years. The opposite party of the President gets energized, No matter if the current President's policy are working o…

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