How to respond to an idiotic post???? I am an ex cop and a Democrat. How DARE you accuse those who think differently of being non-law abiding. I believe it is the Republicans who push guns into everyone's hands to use as we see daily on TV to KILL other humans. Should you ever need police…

To Fred: Exactly what did Sheriff Wade do wrong and how do you know this for a fact. Please share your expertise with us all.

It is so much fun to watch the Republicans self-destruct, lead by the "greatest President ever (as he self describes). Sort like watching the R's eat their young.

Um, if memory serves me correctly, I believe both Richardson and El-Amin served jail or prison time convicted of various crimes. Guess they are familiar with "serving" the citizens of Richmond.

I said nothing about the election.

They spent close to $1.4MILLION for the building, facilities, and a fantastic brand. WOW!
And then close it. I would guess they are both graduates of Trump University.

whitepineone commented on Meet RTD's new dining critic: Justin Lo

Welcome to Richmond, VA.

I was his RTD paperboy back in 1958 and 1959. He introduced me to the world of electronics via assembling a Heathkit shortwave radio, which didn't work when I completed it. He took several "days" as he worked WRVA at night to correct my mistakes. Was a really cool guy. Occasionall…

Um, no changes for about two months, but even B4 the ink dries, the "signature" of the restaurant (bathtub) will be gone. Wish them luck, but maybe consider not ditching the item nearly as well known as the Strawberry Street Cafe name.

I "assume" JACK FM is nothing but purchased, non-local, programming that is the samo-samo everywhere. In any case I just took this station of my car radio buttons. Byeeeeeeeeee.