Maybe it is me, but this story is a bit confusing. Must one bring several of these things or one or two of these things?? Geez!

Henrico County is moving in the wrong direction by trying to drain the James River to put out a small brush fire! If the legislature moves on what Henrico County wants to do with non-attorney advocates, I see disparate treatment happening on their part with parents who cannot afford to hi…

It amazes me to see how most of the commenters here seem to be stuck in the 1950s with their thinking! Run, run, run and catch up with the rest of us. We're getting ready to enter the year of 2020, and your antiquated thinking will become even more irrelevant!

Very sad story here. Yes, Channing's suicide lies at the feet of bullies--both young and old--including ignorant ministers who ridicule gays from their pulpits and categorize gays in a box of non-humans. Shameful, indeed!

But if they lose accreditation, students lose the ability to apply for federal aid, and costs are not cheap there. Good news is Betsy Devos has no say over the accrediting body. Maybe Trump and Franklin Graham would come to the rescue and provide funds. Uh-huh!!

Yeah, your simplistic solution will work with this complex issue---not!!!

Thank you for bringing this into focus for us, MPW! We are at a point in the city's history where everything that is proposed by our government, including school board, must be examined and vetted with a fine-tooth comb. Facts and proposals must be shared with the public, and our voices m…

We all know your's is, Fred!!

Fred: It's sad that we can always tell what slant you will put on a story when we see your name. Your independent thinking abilities are lacking. Who sent you these talking points from the WH???

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