ADKINS, THEODORA JANE, 92, of Charles City, a food service worker for the Charles City school system, widow of Lue Ander Adkins.

ALLEN, NORMAN EDWARD JR., 82, of Midlothian, an Air Force veteran, husband of Carol Allen.

ALVIS, JOHN STUART, 87, of Richmond, an Army veteran, a worker in wholesale distribution, husband of Emma Burnett Alvis.

AMENT, WARREN WILLIAM, 81, of Richmond, an attorney, workers’ safety and health expert, and public transportation activist, widower of Hale Almy Ament.

ANDERSON, NELLIE, 84, of Henrico.


BANKS, TIMOTHY ANTONIO, 55, of Richmond, an auto detailer, husband of Patricia Ampy-Banks.

BLUNT, BERNARD CARLTON, 94, of Richmond, an upholsterer, husband of Ruth Warriner Blunt.

BOOKER, THERESA, 72, of Richmond, wife of Bennett Booker Jr.

BRADY, LULA ROGERS, 97, of Henrico, a registered nurse.

BRAXTON, WALTER A., 67, of Richmond.

CARSON, MARGARET, 94, of Manakin-Sabot, a customer service representative for Dunmar Moving Systems.

CARSON, RICHARD LLOYD, 72, of Mechanicsville, a Verizon technician.


CLARK, DOROTHY ATKINS, 93, of Mechanicsville, widow of James Earl Clark.

COATES, ROBERTA JONES, 88, of Henrico, a teacher, widow of Albert Wood Coates Sr.

COSBY, CYNTHIA ANN, 61, of North Chesterfield, a teacher.

DINSMORE, DANIEL FARRIS, 69, of Henrico, a worker in sales, partner of Pamela Edwards.

DOWNING, LOUISE REDD, 91, of Henrico, a social worker.

DUNN, PEGGY GRAY, 78, of Richmond, a retail clerk.

GODFREY, DONALD W., 82, of Richmond, husband of Anne Godfrey.

GUILD, ALICE MERKLE, 95, of Henrico, widow of Sol L. Guild.

HALIBURTON, JOANNDRA C., 60, of Richmond, a worker in fundraising.

HARRISON, DENNIS MICHAEL, 76, of Richmond, a Marine Corps veteran, an engineer.

HOPKINS, GLORIA, 81, of Richmond.

HOUSTON, ERNEST, of Richmond.

JOHNSON, VIRGINIA W., 85, of Richmond, a worker in retail sales, widow of Marvin W. Johnson Jr.

KOLCUM, BARBARA DEANE, 93, of Henrico, a teacher.

KOSTYNIUK, STEFAN, 74, of Henrico, a pharmacist, husband of Judy Kostyniuk.

KRIEVS, MADELINE D., 76, of Powhatan, an employee of First Virginia Bank, wife of Martin Krievs.

LIPSCOMB, THELMA McALLISTER, 91, of Midlothian, a registered nurse at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, widow of Cabell Lipscomb Jr.

MALLORY, HILL CARTER JR., 91, of Hanover, an executive vice president, husband of Judy Mallory.

MEARS, THERESA ELLEN, 59, of Chesterfield, a director of operations for Chesterfield Auto Parts.

MILLSAPS, WILLIAM H. JR., 77, of Henrico, an executive editor, vice president, sports editor and columnist for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, husband of Nancy Hurt Millsaps.

MOORE, MAGGIE BELLE WILTSHIRE, 98, of Richmond, widow of William Cabell Moore.

MUIR, PHYLLIS OSBORN, 87, of Richmond, a social worker, widow of Hugh Orville Muir.

OLIVERIA, MIKE, 77, of Richmond, a manager, husband of Shawna Oliveria.

PARKER, DARRYL A., 56, of Richmond, a lawyer, husband of Monica Covington-Parker.

PARKER, MARY, 59, of North Chesterfield, a production data analyst, wife of James Parker.

PATE, SHELIA, 65, of Richmond.

PETOCK, SELMA KRAMER, 88, of Henrico, a credit manager for Virginia Specialty Stores, wife of Norman Petock.

PITMAN, LEE RICHARD, 67, of Henrico, a conductor.

POWERS, OTTO MILLER, 96, of Oilville, an Army veteran, a truck driver, husband of Margaret Powers.

SHOTWELL, STEWART LEE, 92, of Henrico, a Marine Corps veteran, an employee of Richmond Newspapers Inc./Media General, husband of Lila Holden.

SIMMONS, LESTER, 64, of Henrico, a fixer for Philip Morris USA.

SITTER, VELMA RUTH, 93, of Chesterfield, a senior eligibility worker for the city of Richmond, widow of Carl L. Sitter.

SKELTON, ELIZABETH FOWLER, 92, of Richmond, a certified medical assistant for Virginia Physicians for Women, widow of Ollie Burton Davis Jr., Dennis M. Coleman and Edward Milton Skelton.

SMITH, BERNICE M., 97, of Chesterfield, a town manager’s assistant for the city of Highland Beach, Fla., widow of Samuel E. Smith.

SMITH, MARIAN KAY, 84, of Henrico.

SPRECKELSEN, GEORGE PAUL JR., 70, of Mechanicsville, an Army veteran who served during the Vietnam War, an employee of the Federal Reserve Bank.

STRONG, EMMA CHRISTINE, 91, of Hanover, a homemaker, widow of Andrew J. Strong.

SWISHER, RICHARD FRANCIS, 92, of Henrico, an Army veteran, a building supply salesman, widower of Mildred U. Swisher.

TAYLOR, CHARLES M., 76, of Henrico, an Army veteran.

TAYLOR, MAE DERIEUX, of Hanover Courthouse, widow of W. Nelson Taylor.

THOMSON, JAMES PATRICK, 51, of Richmond.

TURNER, STUART McGUIRE III, 70, of Richmond, a hospitality employee.

WADDILL, CLARICE BARLOW, 87, of Henrico, an administrative worker for Reynolds Metals, widow of James R. Waddill.

WAGNER, FREDRIC PORTER, 84, of Hanover, an employee of the Virginia Department of Transportation, widower of Sheila Jean Lovins Wagner.

WARD, HAROLD LEROY, 82, of Henrico, an Army veteran, a purchaser, widower of Esther Lillian Ward.

WEATHERFORD, LAURA JANE SMITH, 86, of Henrico, a management assistant, widow of James E. Weatherford Sr.

WELLMAN, BETTY MAE, 84, of Richmond, a nurse, widow of Ray Richard Wellman.

WHITE, DOLLY POOLE, 92, of Henrico, a homemaker, widow of Samuel P. White.

WOOD, EDWARD BURNS, 75, of Providence Forge, owner of Wood’s Body Shop LLC, husband of Jane Marie Goodwyn Wood.

WOODHOUSE, CLARA MAE, 80, of Chesterfield, an employee of C&P Telephone Co., widow of William H. Parsons II and George B. Woodhouse.


ALBEMARLE — CHURCH, RANDOLPH WARNER JR., 85, an attorney, husband of Lucy Canary Church.

BRACEY — BALLENGER, TONI LYNN, 51, a bookkeeper, wife of Daniel Sam Sutphin.

BURKEVILLE — ARMES, THELMA D., 95, an employee of Levi Strauss Inc., widow of E.M. Armes.

CHARLES CITY — GHEE, ORA ADKINS, 85, a factory worker, widow of George Milton Ghee Sr.

HOPEWELL — COBB, CONRAD M., 82, an Army veteran, a millwright, husband of Irene Daniels Cobb.

KING WILLIAM — BRADLEY, CATHERINE ELIZABETH CARIOLA, 95, a homemaker, widow of Ivy M. Bradley.

MIDDLESEX — NEAL, SUSAN HORST, 69, a social worker for the commonwealth of Virginia, wife of Clayton Neal.


ANDERSON, EVELYN H., 90, of Chattanooga, Tenn.

CLARKE, CALVIN W. JR., 72, of Lancaster, Pa., formerly of Henrico, an Army veteran who served during the Vietnam War, an automotive finance manager and consultant.

CUNNINGHAM, KENNETH STUART, 91, of San Jose, Calif., formerly of Virginia, an Air Force veteran, a civil engineer, widower of Lena Marie Power Cunningham.

HOWE, MURRILL NORTON JR., 82, of Pine Knoll Shores, N.C., formerly of Richmond, an Army veteran, a tobacco executive, husband of Kathryn Howe.

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  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email