ADAMS, ROBERT EDWARD, 66, of Henrico, an employee of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and Children’s Hospital of Richmond.

BABER, THOMAS GERALD, 85, of Richmond, an insurance agent, husband of Shirley J. Baber.

BARDEN, RUTH ANNE BILLUPS, 90, of Richmond, a homemaker, widow of Edward C. Barden Jr.

BAUGHMAN, VONCILE WINGATE, 94, of Richmond, widow of Emilius A. Baughman.

BRITTON, CARLYLE PARKER JR., 85, of Richmond, husband of Doris F. Britton.

BROWN, ADELL MORRIS, 67, of Goochland.

BRUNNER, DAVID HUNTING, 80, of Henrico, an Air Force veteran, husband of Grace McKee Brunner.

BURNHAM, ELWOOD, 88, of Chesterfield.

CAKE, LEONARD C. JR., 74, of Richmond, an administrative director of the Henrico County Economic Development Authority, husband of Carole Cake.

CHAFFIN, GLEN N., 84, of Midlothian, husband of Margaret Chaffin.

CLARKE, CHRISTIAN PAUL, 22, of Glen Allen.

COATS, OAKER RALPH SR., 89, of Chesterfield, a Marine Corps veteran, a barber.

COLEMAN, ROBERT LEE JR., 78, of Hanover, a Marine Corps veteran, a postmaster, husband of Bertha Bruce Coleman.

COLLINS, SANDRA C., 67, of Richmond, wife of David C. Collins Jr.

CRITICOS, GEORGE, 77, of Midlothian.

CRUICKSHANKS, JOHN STIRLING III, 69, of Richmond, a structural engineer.

CRUMPLER, VICTORIA H., 70, of Midlothian.

DAVIS, ANNIE LEE SLEDD, 106, of Richmond.

DRUMHELLER, RUSSELL SR., 85, of North Chesterfield, a steel worker.

ENGLISH, JUDITH L., 84, of Chesterfield, a homemaker, wife of Richard English.

FALLON, GLORIA HUGHES, 94, of Henrico, a housewife, widow of Rudolph Anthony Fallon.

FELDSTEIN, JEFFREY, 70, of Richmond, husband of Natalie Feldstein.

GARBEE, PHILLIP EARL, 68, of Henrico, husband of Jacqueline Duresky.

GIANNASI, MARION HESTER, 95, of Richmond, widow of John Gabriel Giannasi Sr.

GOODE, TERRY E., 51, of Richmond.

GORDON, DAVID MAXWELL, 22, of Richmond, a restaurant worker.

GRAHAM, BETTY JEAN KNIGHT, 74, of Richmond, a secretary.

GRAY, JOHN A. JR., 85, of Henrico.

GREEN, JEAN MAXEY, 72, of Powhatan, wife of Charlie Green Sr.

GUILLEN, MARCELLA J., 81, of Henrico, widow of Edward J. Guillen.

HACKETT, PEARL ALISTINE, 94, of Richmond, a proofreader for a printing company.

HAMLOR, DASHAWN A., 22, of North Chesterfield.

HAMMILL, DONNA V., 79, of Richmond, wife of Felix A. Hammill.

HARKNESS, WILLIAM L., 94, of Chesterfield, an Army veteran, a mathematician, widower of Betty Harkness.

HARKSEN, LULA BAKER, 89, of Mechanicsville, a homemaker, widow of Frank Harksen Sr.

HICKS, GERALD WAYNE, 69, of Montpelier.

HOPKINS, MARY LOU BAGBY, 72, of Richmond, a homemaker, widow of Richard L. Hopkins.


IRVIN, WAYNE L., 87, of Richmond, a branch chief with the Department of the Treasury and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, widower of Karen Irvin.


JONES, LAVERNE, 62, of Henrico, widow of Abraham Jones.

KENNEDY, MARY HELEN SLATE, 84, of Midlothian.

KING, DORIS MARIE, 85, of Henrico, an elementary school teacher.

KOURI, LILLIAN MAZLOOM, 92, of Henrico, a restaurant owner, widow of Monsour A. Kouri.

LIPSCOMB, JOE ANN, 85, of Williamsburg, a housewife, widow of W.E. Lipscomb.

LORRAINE, CATHERINE CRIMSON, 70, of Richmond, wife of Hank Willner.

MARSH, PEGGY GULLEY, 96, of Richmond, widow of Ernest Joseph Marsh Jr.

MATTHEWS, STERLING E., 60, of Richmond, an Army veteran, husband of Alice Matthews.

McCRAY, MACK H., of Richmond.

MEADS, DOROTHY ZAPANTIS, 94, of Mechanicsville.

MOODY, JOHN PERSHING, 94, of Henrico, a minister.

MORGAN, DONALD RAY, 81, of Chesterfield, a supervisor, husband of Grace Morgan.

MOSES, MORRIS JR., 58, of Richmond.

MOTTESHEARD, ALWYN DALE, 81, of Chesterfield, a treasurer.

NOLAND, MARY TAYLOR HOWARD, 95, of Ashland, a homemaker, widow of Gilbert Lealand Noland.

OGUNWARE, FREDERICK, 69, of Chesterfield, a teacher, husband of Beatrice Ogunware.

PARKER, JOHN LeROY, 84, of Hanover, an engineer, husband of Betty Parker.

PERKINS, MARGARET SARAFIAN, 84, of Henrico, an employee of the Virginia Department of Health, widow of Richard Perkins.

PLUMMER, MICHAEL A., 63, of Henrico.

POWELL, IDA LEE, 94, of Hanover, a homemaker, widow of Wilbur Powell.

REYNOLDS, SHIRLEY COURTNEY, 92, of Powhatan, a Marine Corps veteran, a Virginia state trooper and Powhatan County sheriff, widower of Martha Louise Dabney Reynolds.

ROBB, LINDA LOUISE BRILL, 71, of Hanover, a librarian, widow of Charles Michael Robb.

ROY, MARY ALICE, 70, of Henrico, a supervisor, wife of Charles Edward Roy.

SAMPSON, FRANCES HACKETT, 91, of Richmond, an X-ray technician.

SCOTT, PHYLIS REGINA, of Richmond, wife of Philip Scott.

SCOTT, WILLIAM CLARKE III, 67, of Richmond, husband of Marian Mohler Scott.

SIMMS, GLORIA DEAN, 72, of Richmond, a teacher’s assistant and generalist for Richmond Public Schools, widow of Herman Lee Simms.

SMITH, DOROTHEA CAROL, 70, of Chester, a homemaker, wife of James Louis Smith Jr.

TERRY, HARRY STUART JR., 73, of Richmond, a restaurant owner, husband of Ellen Terry.

THOMPSON, RAYMOND SR., 92, of Richmond, husband of Arnita Peoples Thompson.

UMLAUF, MARCI CAUSEY, 89, of Richmond, a secretary.

WADDY, PAULETTE A., of Richmond, widow of Aubrey Waddy.

WADE, MONA POWELL, 84, of Ashland, a teacher, wife of John Benjamin Wade.

WATKINS, FLORENCE T., 88, of Henrico, a supervisor.

WILLIAMS, GLORIA LOWRY, 84, of Caroline, a homemaker.

WRENN, JAMES SOLOMON JR., 98, of Henrico, widower of Virginia Wrenn.


CLAREMONT — FRATARCANGELO, ELIZABETH ANN, 66, wife of Robert Richardson.

EMPORIA — GILLAM, ROLAND, 52, an employee of Georgia-Pacific Corporation

JARRATT, ANNA SMITH, 73, a beautician.

GRETNA — NELSON, JAMES TERRENCE, 75, an Army veteran, a transportation engineer, husband of Sharon Nelson.


KING WILLIAM — LANGSTON, BARBARA E., 71, an ultrasound technician, wife of Frederick T. Langston.



PRINCE GEORGE — CAPPS, CAROLYN, 77, a homemaker.

ROSELAND — WYNNE, JULIET REDD, 102, widow of Thomas Earl Wynne.

WARSAW — HARCUM, WILLIAM CLARENCE JR., 81, a foreman for Northern Neck Electric Cooperative and a waterman, husband of Jane Bell Harcum.


MORAN, IRIS KNIGHT, 81, of Columbia, Md., wife of Harvey Moran.

ROTHWEILER, MILTON JR., 91, of Bradenton, Fla., a quality control engineer for Luck Stone, husband of Rae Rothweiler.

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