ALEXANDER-SHASTID, SANDRA, 79, of Maidens, wife of Sheldon Ray Shastid.

ARCHER, SAMUEL POWELL JR., 83, of Chesterfield, a Philip Morris USA employee, husband of Lois Payne Archer.

BALDUCCI, RINO ENRICO SR., 93, of Mechanicsville, a World War II Navy veteran, a restaurant owner and a real estate entrepreneur, husband of Maria Balducci.

BERKELEY, WILLIAM MEADE JR., 93, of Richmond, an Army veteran and a broker with Davenport & Co.

BUELOW, JUANITA, 88, of Henrico, widow of Fred Buelow.

CARTER-HOLMES, JOAN, 65, of Richmond, wife of Al Holmes.

CHANDLER, BARBARA S., 82, of Highland Springs, widow of Ronald Chandler Sr.

CHEATHAM, CALLIE, of Richmond.

COULON, KATHRYN LEE, 75, of North Chesterfield.

DAVIS, DARNELL, 64, of Henrico, a food server.

DOEPPE, NORMA LEE, 93, of Mechanicsville, an administrative assistant for the Medical Society of Virginia Review Organization, widow of William O. Doeppe.

DRUMMOND, MILTON D. JR., 88, of Henrico, a Marine Corps veteran who served in Korea and Vietnam, husband of Patsy L. Drummond.

EBELING, THOMAS, 56, of Richmond, a psychiatrist, husband of Lisa Ebeling.

ELGIN, CORY, 49, of Chesterfield, a maintenance technician, husband of Sharon Elgin.

GANDY, LESSIE O., 80, of Henrico, a homemaker, widow of A.V. Gandy.

GARRIS, VERNON MARTIN JR., 59, of Richmond, a carpenter.

HAIRFIELD, JOSEPH W. JR., 93, of Richmond, a superintendent of Riverview Cemetery in Richmond, husband of Mae B. Hairfield.

HALL, JOHN WESLEY, 50, of Chesterfield.

HANNER, VICKI SCHATZLE, 64, of Henrico, a teacher and librarian, wife of Jeff Hanner.

HOFFMAN, SALLIE, 81, of Ashland, a Walmart greeter.

HOOKER, ELIZABETH WILBURN, 91, of Henrico, a school teacher.

HOTT, LUCILLE ELIZABETH HERRING, 91, of Henrico, a bank teller, widow of Clyde L. Hott Sr.

HUDSON, CHRISTOPHER, 43, of Richmond, husband of Vanessa Hudson.

JENKINS, JOHN EDWARD JR., 74, of Richmond, a home improvement contractor, widower of Carol Parker Jenkins.

KITTS, HUSTON W. JR., 61, of Midlothian.

KREYNUS, LILLIE, 95, of Mechanicsville.

MASON, ANNE, 70, of Richmond.

MAXWELL, JOHN C. JR., 91, of Richmond, an Army veteran who served in Korea, a Wall Street analyst who later worked in Richmond in executive positions at Wheat First Securities and Davenport & Co., husband of Adrienne Maxwell.

McMILLAN, JOANN FAY, 83, of Richmond, widow of Larry D. McMillan.

MINOR, GEORGE RYLAND, 70, of Richmond, a Henrico police officer and owner of Excalibur Auto Sales, husband of Kathy Minor.

OWENS, PATRICKA JAMISON, 87, of Chester, an Army logistics management specialist.

PAKYZ, AMY LYNN, 52, of Richmond.

PRIEST, SYBIL DAY, 101, of Richmond, a supervisor for the former Trover Clinic, widow of Robert Priest.

PRUITT, FREDERICK GRAY JR., 94, of Richmond, an Army veteran, founder of F.G. Pruitt Inc., husband of Doris Brown Pruitt.

ROSE, JAMES THOMAS JR., 89, of Chesterfield, an Army colonel, a chief appraiser for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, widower of Jean G. Rose.

SHELTON, HAROLD P., 72, of Richmond, husband of Wilhelmina Shelton.

SLUSSER, RICHARD WARREN, 74, of Richmond, a Navy veteran, co-owner of Wayneboro Tire and Service and manager for Firestone and Merchant’s, husband of Julia Slusser.

SMITH, JOHN WILLIAM, 58, of Doswell.

SMITHSON, EDWINA E., 83, of Glen Allen, a receptionist, widow of Wilbur L. Smithson.

SPENCER, VIRGINIA WATSON, 96, of Richmond, a Reynolds Metals Co. employee, widow of Robert Mitchell Spencer.

STANSBURY, ADELAIDE BOURNE, 98, of Rockville, a homemaker, widow of John L. Stansbury Jr.

SUTHERLAND, CHARLES RAMON, of North Chesterfield, an Air Force veteran, a printing press technician.

TAYLOR, EDWARD WILDMAN, 82, of Midlothian, a lawyer, widower of Sandra Maynard Taylor.

TAYLOR, NORMA HELEN PAMPLIN, 101, of Richmond, widow of William Leigh Taylor.

TOMLINSON, ALICE M., 90, of Richmond.

VALENTE, RUDOLPH, 94, of Glen Allen, a businessman, husband of Norma Valente.

VANARSDALL, EFFIE SHAHEEN, 87, of Richmond, widow of Ernie Vanarsdall Sr.

WALTRICH, ERENTRUDIS, 87, of Chesterfield, a homemaker, widow of Henry Waltrich.

WHITAKER, SALLY M., 76, of Chesterfield, a Virginia State Police employee, wife of George Whitaker.

WHITBY, NICHOLAS, 82, of Henrico, a Navy veteran who later worked for the state of Virginia, widower of Judith Whitby.

WILLIAMS, CHARLES RAY SR., 73, of North Chesterfield, an Air Force sergeant and Air Force Reserve veteran who served during the Vietnam War, husband of Deborah Brown Williams.

WILLIAMS, RICHARD HORACE, 84, of Mechanicsville, a construction contractor and Verizon employee, husband of Patricia Davis Wilson.

WILSON, RUBY E., 86, of Sandston, a bookkeeper, widow of Aubrey Wilson.

YORK, JOHN BOYCE JR., 63, of Richmond, a retail manager.

YOUNG, CALVIN B., 78, of Mechanicsville, an Army veteran, a manager for Crown Petroleum, husband of Barbara K. Young.

ZINCONE, ROSE BLAKE, 95, of Midlothian, widow of Robert J. Zincone.


ALTON — BOWES, HELEN ALEASE, 68, an employee of Tultex, wife of Golden C. Bowes Jr.

BOYDTON — HILL, TROY XAVIER, 51, a painter and drywall worker.

BRIDGEWATER — FRAZIER, FREDDIE MAE FADELY, 90, a registered nurse, wife of Forrest Livingston Frazier.


FULTON, JACK LEWIS, 89, a Navy veteran who served in Korea, an AT&T employee, widower of Suzanne Reardon Fulton.

COURTLAND — JORDAN, JOE THOMAS JR., 83, an Army veteran, a maintenance supervisor at Hancock Peanut Co.

DELTAVILLE — HARRIS, ROLAND T. JR., 79, an Army National Guard veteran, a contractor, widower of Acolene Harris.

DeWITT — CLAY, FLORENCE SPRINGMANN, 93, a librarian, widow of James W. Clay.

GUM SPRING — GRUBBS, BRIAN C., 47, husband of Deborah Grubbs.

RUTHER GLEN — SHOCKEY, DANIEL N., 94, a Navy veteran and director of facilities engineering and construction for the Virginia Community College System, husband of Dottie Shockey.

ST. STEPHENS CHURCH — WATKINS, L. WAYNE, 79, a Marine Corps veteran, husband of Betsy Watkins.

VIRGINIA BEACH — JOYNER, PARKE DEANS, 79, owner of a residential building company, husband of Temple K. Joyner.

WILLIAMSBURG — GERDELMAN, JOHN W., 67, a Navy veteran, a business executive and an entrepreneur, husband of Sue Hanna Gerdelman.


BRANDT, JANICE, 86, of Knoxville, Tenn., formerly of Richmond, an educator, widow of Richard Brandt.

BROWN, IRIS L. , 75, of Elkton, Md.

McGREGOR, SCOTT A., 61, of South Hadley, Mass., formerly of Virginia.

TESSENEAR, DIANE MARIE FORD, 64, of Hilton Head Island, S.C., formerly of Goochland, a hospital administrator and consultant with Ernst & Young, wife of Tony Tessenear.

URBAN, LARRY, 67, of Durham, N.C., formerly of Richmond, husband of Gina Urban.

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